A Little About Me...

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Hi there, I'm Samantha, the woman behind the camera & operating the business of Samantha Rose Photography. 

I've loved photography for about 8 years now & been pursuing it as a career for 3. I graduated from Ball State University in December 2017 with a degree in photojournalism. I've dabbled in just about every genre of photography, but realized that weddings, portraits, & fashion are my true calling (along with some product photography on the side). 

I recently moved out to Tempe, Arizona. Before I had lived in Indiana my entire life & coming from the Midwest, I grew up surrounded by cornfields, overcast days, & a lot of flat land, but it taught me how to photograph in any type of weather with any type of background. Now living out West, the mountains, palm trees, & desert landscape are so beautiful, I'm overwhelmed with perfect locations & even more ready for photographing adventures. 

Which is exactly how I describe my sessions, an adventure. Whether it's your first time getting professional photos or you're already a pro in front of the camera, if you need help choosing the perfect outfit, told what to do with your hands, or you need me to make you fake laugh, it'll be a fun & hilarious time (& I promise I'm not just saying that). 

Outside of photography I enjoy hiking, fashion, traveling, NASA, Mountain Dew, pop-punk music, Halloween, & drive-in movies. 

Ready to set up your own adventure? Click the contact button & let's chat!